Our Website Maintenance
Services include:
Monthly prompts by phone and/or email for changes
Changes to text, photos and on-site SEO
Addition of Google Analytics
Page additions/deletions
Navigation changes
Suggested, proactive changes to the site
Inspection for broken links
Security updates including Wordpress applications and plugins
Addition of infographics
Regular downloaded backups of the website
Video addition/deletion
Social media integration
Uploading of product sheets, brochures or other PDFs
Addition of prewritten blogs, newsletters and news updates
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Dependable Website Maintenance Services When You Need It!

Outsourcing website management adds value to your company. With our affordable website maintenance services, you can enjoy the benefits of a full-time webmaster without the cost of a full-time employee. X-Factor makes it easy to update your company website on an as-needed basis.

With regular website updates, you'll strengthen your company's online presence, keep your web content fresh and up to date, increase visitor loyalty, leads, customer acquisition and improve your search engine rankings (search engines love websites that have changing content!).

Get started today!

To learn more about outsourcing your
website management and our website
maintenance services, call 828–322–2690
or email info@x–factormarketing.com.
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